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Spend March Break at Resurgo Place!

March Break 2020

March 1 – 8, 2020 Open daily (even Monday!) 

Sound, Just Sound!
(all week)

Any impact creates vibrations in the air that translates into sounds. The impact of the wind on leaves, the air flowing from our lungs on our vocal cords, a door closing, the shuffle of ants moving, the electronic impulses of a bell... Sound waves are everywhere! A true immersive experience, the Sound, Just Sound exhibition will make you "hear" sounds with... your other senses!  

Special Activity!

Details to come...

And more! 

Transportation Discovery Centre
(all week)

Let the kids loose in the Transportation Discovery Centre, explore our exhibition galleries, hands-on interactives and special activities! Float a boat, launch a rocket, walk on a giant map and discover the city's transformation!


Moncton's Memory Box
Wednesday, March 4
2 pm - 4 pm

We'll bring out a selection of REAL artefacts from our museum collection for you to discover! The collections of a museum are like the memories of a community and we want to share these memories and offer everyone the chance to reminisce. Who knows, the selected artefacts might bring up some memories of your own!

Memory Box