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Want to build something awesome? 
Each Saturday morning in November, we’ll show you and your family how to make something truly cool – there’s a new project every weekend! Making amazing things is easier than you think; and, we’ll take you through it all, step by step. 


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*Youths under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.


November 3

Water Bottle Rocket Launcher!

Summer’s all done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be ready for the next one! This is an ideal way to cool off while exploring some very cool physics. Send plastic bottles hurtling up to the sky using nothing more than air pressure and a willingness to get soaked. BONUS: You’ll get to break the speed of sound!

  • You go home with: A Water Bottle Rocket Launcher; the knowledge of how to make more!

November 10

Rocket Bowling Kit!

Rocket bowling brings together two of our species’ most interesting creations – rockets, and bowling – together to make something magnificent: Rocket Bowling. You’ll be going home with your very own rocket bowling launcher! BONUS: You’ll get to break the speed of sound, again!

  • You go home with: An “All Ages” Rocket Bowling Launcher; three rockets; the knowledge of how to make your own pins!

November 17

Stomp Rocket Launcher! 

Want to send your own, home-made rockets soaring way up in the sky? How about getting to go home with your very own DIY launcher? You’ll be amazed by how simple Rocket Science can actually be!

  • You go home with: A Stomp Rocket Launcher; your own rocket; printed instructions to help you make new rockets!

November 24


Resurgo Place needs a new hovercraft, and we’re going to share the secrets of hovercraft construction with anyone who cares to learn! This is a project you can do at home in an easy afternoon, and we’ll show you how.

  • You go home with: The knowledge you need to make your own hovercraft!
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