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March 16

10 am – 12 pm (noon): Toys All Around Us! 

Once again, Resurgo Place and the Musée acadien de l'Université de Moncton will be all play with the TOYS ALL AROUND US workshop series this winter and spring!

These dynamic workshops will help us discover what it was to create, build and recycle in the good old days. Challenge yourself to have your spinning top spin the longest and play with good old buttons!

*This activity is included with paid admission and adult supervision is required.

Toys All Around Us!

March 17

2 pm – 4 pm: Sew Sew Sundays

SEW YOUR OWN SHOPPING BAG!Check the nearest Thrift Stores for enough fabric remnants to make a reusable shopping bag. Shoudn't cost you much more than $1.00 or so!

*Registration required
(506) 856-4383
FREE, but please bring your own fabrics.
*Ages 14 and up – younger folks welcome with adult accompaniment! 

Sew Sew Sundays

March 20

10 am – 5 pm: 50% off individual admission for Seniors

2 pm - 4 pm: Moncton's Memory Box

Join us as we open Moncton’s Memory Box and bring out a selection of artifacts and images to explore and discover. The selected artifacts might bring up some memories of your own!

Memory Box

March 23

10 am – 12 pm (noon): Techno Mornings with Brilliant Labs

So you want to learn about cool technology? Or maybe you'd like to play with ROBOTS or VIRTUAL REALITY?

With the help of our friends at Brilliant Labs, we'll be creating artistic circuits, designing 3D objects that can be printed, playing with Virtual Reality, and even CODING!

*This activity is included with paid admission and adult supervision is required.

Brilliant Labs

Upgrades to our Heritage Collection - Take part in the changes to come!

COLOR and VIBRANCY: new information panels and interactive elements are being added to our beloved Heritage Collection with the aim of bridging the gap between our permanent collection and the recent additions to this state-of-the-art facility. 

We want to know what YOU think! Come take part in shaping the changes to come with the exhibit by leaving your comments and suggestions on our giant white board! This is YOUR museum. What would you like to see on display? Is there anything you want to know more about?

Heritage Collection